Our mission

The next-generation asset manager seems more appropriate

The current geopolitical environment is disrupting global supply chains. It is building walls where there were once bridges. There is an increasing need for localized supply chains to cope with such disruption. Globalization, as we know it, is losing its connectivity, and companies now must completely rethink their logistics solutions, business models and strategic positioning while still operating to serve their customers.

At the same time, climate change is our reality. It is incremental to reverse the process and stop avoiding it. Market participants are responsible for increasing their decarbonization efforts towards a greener world.

How do we address these issues when companies struggle to keep operations, geopolitical and economic efforts from affecting our daily lives more than ever before? The answer lies in connecting the right people. Regardless of the region, it is always possible to find the right people with the right mindset, with unique solutions for the problems the world needs to solve.

AVANEA was born from the will to connect people and foster innovation while tackling decarbonization in order to support industry players in addressing their decarbonization agenda. AVANEA is the next-generation asset manager of Infratech investments. It focuses on investments and the development of breakthrough commercially viable technologies to be scaled up into infrastructure assets. With a strong track record combining technological innovations with the corporate world, we provide a circular solution to your needs.