Mário Virčík

Vice-Chairman of the Management Board

Mario is experienced professional providing companies and private clients with the opportunity to utilise a full range of advisory, investment, and capital-raising services. Mario joined IPM after an eighteen-year career in public sector financial institutions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from that unique perspective to IPM’s activities.

Prior to AVANEA, Mario served as a Board Representative for Slovakia at the EuropeanBank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) in London. His main responsibilities included maintaining good international relations, promoting the bank’s development agenda, and advising on EU policy formulation and responses to geopolitical challenges.

Before his time at the EBRD, Mario was the Director General for the International Relations Department of the Ministry of Finance of Slovakia, after having previously held numerous other national and supranational positions. During his tenure, Mario witnessed and was actively involved in Slovakia’s transition from being a centrally governed economy to a fully market-orientated democracy. His involvement spanned the preparation of Slovakia’s entry into the EU, its adoption of the Euro, the EU‘s post-financial crisis response, knowledge transfer to developing economies via UNDP Public Finance Reform Programme, and SMEs‘ financing-related establishment of the Slovak Guarantee and Development Fund that provides early stage and seed financing to start-ups. Mario also served as Acting Director General of the European Funds Department for a period of time.

Mario holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Economics in Bratislava. Mario frequently returns to the university as a lecturer on international financial institutions and development-related topics.