Investment insights

AVANEA’s investment philosophy is based on:

Decarbonization through the transportation and commodity-linked sectors

Focused approach to select investments – no “spray and pray” mentality

Investments and development of breakthrough commercially viable technologies in Series A and B

Significant minority stake to ensure proper governance for AVANEA to deploy its development skills

Supporting European companies to grow internationally or international companies to scale up in Europe

Why is Development key differentiator?

Scaling up a company with a unique technology requires more than only equity. It also requires active support in people, partnerships, and planning. Having the right people with the right mindset at the right moment is crucial for the development curve of any InfraTech company, and so are partnerships, where these companies will be able to prove their concepts through pilot projects, connecting the technological world to the corporate to prove it can be done before taking it to the next level. Planning the growth of a company is like building a house.

The foundation to cement the idea is the equity, but to build the other parts that are needed, other sources of funding are needed (i.e. non-dilutive financing, project financing) until the company becomes bankable on its own. AVANEA has the ability and the track record of developing and scaling up companies.